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The different programs will ensure our students to learn in an environment that provides all the tools needed to succeed in today's demanding trucking industry.

Our instructor has over 10 years of experience and expertise. In addition, our students will receive a personalized and professional learning experience by our instructor.

Our programs are designed to give our students a complete CDL A test preparation. This course has everything you'll need to pass the CDL A written permit exam and prepare you for the driving exam to obtain your CDL Class A license.

We created four different programs designed to accommodate students with different level of truck driving knowledge.


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Qualifications & Training


During class room training the necessary subject matters will be covered by watching videos, book work, demonstrations and lectures. Our students will be given a broad theory on all subjects that the instructor will teach. Our student will be tested on all subject matters before you will begin field training.

Logistic Service

Our experienced instructor will provide you a clear and articulate training at the RTDS training yard. The instructor will go over step by step with you proper loading, visual search, safe operating procedures, emergency maneuvers, skid control, accident reporting, cargo and securing hazardous materials, basic documents and much more.


The road training is the last and final part of the CDL A training. Our instructor will implement and practice city driving areas.
The student will practice right and left turns in stop and go traffic, practice of visual search, shifting skill in light highways, interstates and rural routes. Most important you will practice safe driving techniques.