Step-by step assistance in obtaining your Commercial Drivers License
CDL Class A Permit Exam at the DMV


Before becoming a commercial truck driver, you must complete and pass the written test to obtain your CDL A driver’s permit. After you pass your written exam at the DMV, your field training will begin. RTDS Trucking School will provide all the necessary tools to assist you in passing your written exam. We provide our students a hand-book filled with truck driving questions and answers to learn the essential information needed to be ready for the DMV written exam.

Commercial Truck Driving Air Brake Test

Air Brake Test

The Air Brake Test is to ensure you know the parts of the air brake system, knowledge of dual air brakes, proper way to operate air brakes and how to inspect air brakes. The Air Brake Test will make sure you know the difference between supply pressure gauge and an application pressure gauge.

Combination Vehicles in the Truck Driving Industry

Combination Vehicles

The Combination Vehicles Test is to ensure you have the knowledge of driving vehicles. You must know the influence of combination type on rearward amplification, trailer jackknife, coupling and uncoupling, combination air brakes, anti-lock brake system and how to inspect a combination vehicle.

CDL A Truck Driver behind the wheel

General Knowledge

The General Knowledge Test is to ensure you have the knowledge of road safety, rules and regulations, general knowledge of operating a commercial vehicle, cargo weight and height limitations, proper procedures of truck driving and to ensure you understand and know the laws of the road.

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RTDS Las Vegas Trucking School Driving Range


At the end of the training program, our students will be scheduled for the driving exam with our third-party certifier who will test the knowledge of the semi-truck components, as well as basic parking maneuvers and city driving. The Third Party Certifier is essential for a fast CDL A Program.  The CDL A truck driving exam consists of the following three tests.

Truck Driving Test with Instructor

City Driving

Upon the completion of the PTI and Parking Tests, our truck driving student’s skills will be tested on the city roads. The certifier will check proper lane changes, visual search, right and left turns, and many other driving techniques.

Semi-truck parking test in training field

Parking Test

During the parking test, our truck driving students will be required to perform three maneuvers. The straight line backing, offset parking, and parallel or 90 degrees parking.

Pre-Trip inspection of commercial truck

PreTrip Inspection

One of the most important job of a truck driver, is the daily pre-trip inspection. Our certifier will test the knowledge of all the truck components, possible damages and defects that represent a safety concern.

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After the 2008 crisis, I was able to find only part-time or commission based jobs with little to no pay. I was lucky to find out from a friend about the trucking industry, and the RTDS Trucking School based in Las Vegas. I’ve always loved cars and driving, so I thought I should give it a try.

This was the best decision I ever made in my life, PERIOD.
The school gave me great knowledge and a recommendation to a great transportation company. Now a year later, $55K/Year salary, and all the debts taken care of, I’ve never slept better in my life.