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The different truck driving training programs will ensure our students learn in an environment that provides all the tools needed to succeed in today’s demanding trucking industry. Our instructor has over 10 years of experience and expertise, and will provide a personalized and professional learning experience. Our school’s programs are designed to give our students a complete CDL A test preparation. The courses have everything you’ll need to pass the CDL A written permit exam and prepare you for the truck driving exam to obtain your CDL Class A license.

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CDL Class A Training Program
320 Hours
  • Students receive a vast knowledge of all aspects of the Trucking Industry. An excellent preparation at a slower pace allowing more time to engage and develop through understanding in order to obtain a valuable CDL Class A certification.
  • 4-Week Classroom
  • 4 Week Range & Road
  • Driving Test


CDL Class A Training Program
160 Hours
  • The structure of this program is formulated to develop sufficient techniques and skills to secure a CDL Class A license. The training provides a comprehensive learning experience and gives ample opportunity for questions and group discussion.
  • 2 Week Classroom
  • 2 Week Range & Road
  • Driving Test


CDL Class A Training Program
120 Hours
  • This program is focused on developing the thinking skills as well as the practical skills needed to succeed in the Trucking Industry. Training takes place in small groups resulting in more time and experience behind the wheel for our students.
  • 1 Week Classroom
  • 2 Week Range & Road
  • Driving Test


CDL Class A Training Program
80 Hours
  • Our most popular program! Designed to fully prepare students for the road. This training program covers everything that you need to know to become a safe and confident truck driver in today's industry.
  • No Classroom
  • 2 Week Range & Road
  • Driving Test


CDL Class A Training Program
40 Hours
  • Our same high quality training program but at a faster pace. This is for students with limited time but have great ability to learn & observe. Students receive all the necessary tools to start their driving career.
  • No Classroom
  • 1 Week Range & Road
  • Driving Test


CDL Class A Training Program
3 Days Behind The Wheel
  • For students with previous truck driving experience and knowledge of CDL Class A requirements. We offer flexible hours to accomodate your busy schedule. This 1-on-1 training allows more individual attention.
  • 3 Days Behind Wheel
  • 10 Hours Manual/Auto
  • Driving Test

Driving Test

CDL Class A Training Program
1 Hour Training & Test
  • For individuals with extensive background in truck driving and strong knowledge of the CDL Class A Industry. Our professional and well experienced 3rd Party Certifier will be able to test you in just in 4 days!
  • No Classroom
  • 1 Hour Behind Wheel
  • Driving Test
Before applying please be sure to meet the requirements

Qualifications & Training

Truck Driving Training Program


RTDS is excited about the chance to help you obtain your class CDL A License. Before you can begin at RTDS it is important for you to know if you meet the necessary qualifications. The qualifications to enroll in our programs include the following:

You must be 21 years or older
Have a valid Driver’s License
Be able to pass a DOT physical exam
Submit a DMV driving record
Be able to present a Social Security Card

Truck Driving Training Classroom with Table and chairs


During class room training the necessary subject matters will be covered by watching videos, book work, demonstrations and lectures. Our truck driving students will be given a broad theory on all subjects by our training instructor. Our student will be tested on all subject matters before you beginning field training.

RTDS Las Vegas Trucking School Driving Range

Range Training

Our experienced instructor will provide you a clear and articulate training at the RTDS training yard. The instructor will step-by-step go over proper loading, visual search, safe operating procedures, emergency maneuvers, skid control, accident reporting, cargo and securing hazardous materials, basic documents and much more.

Trucks driving on the road after training

Road Training

The road training is the last and final part of the CDL A training. Our instructor will implement and practice city driving areas.
The student will practice right and left turns in stop and go traffic, practice of visual search, shifting skill in light highways, interstates and rural routes. Most important you will practice safe driving techniques.

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After the 2008 crisis, I was able to find only part-time or commission based jobs with little to no pay. I was lucky to find out from a friend about the trucking industry, and the RTDS Trucking School based in Las Vegas. I’ve always loved cars and driving, so I thought I should give it a try.

This was the best decision I ever made in my life, PERIOD.
The school gave me great knowledge and a recommendation to a great transportation company. Now a year later, $55K/Year salary, and all the debts taken care of, I’ve never slept better in my life.